Starbucks and DoorDash Launch Delivery Partnership in Canada

Starbucks doordash march 2023

Starbucks and DoorDash announced on Tuesday the launch of coffee and food delivery across Canada from over 500 stores.

Starting today, DoorDash customers will be able to order Starbucks nationwide in close to 50 new communities and over 500 participating locations.

The announcement brings Starbucks Delivers to new communities for the first time, including Saint John, New Brunswick, Squamish, British Columbia and the province of Prince Edward Island.

Previously, Starbucks delivery was through Uber Eats in Canada, but now it’s also available on DoorDash. Starbucks and DoorDash announced a delivery partnership back in September in the U.S., while noting it would expand the partnership in 2023.

“As we continue to innovate the Starbucks Experience with new and impactful ways to connect digitally, we are excited to expand how our customers can enjoy their Starbucks favourites wherever they may be,” said Lori Digulla, General Manager, Starbucks Canada, in an email to iPhone in Canada. “Delivery remains a major growth opportunity for Starbucks, and our new partnership with DoorDash will help us reach even more Starbucks customers from coast-to-coast.”

To celebrate the new launch, DoorDash customers can get $5 off their next 3 Starbucks orders of $20 or more, beginning March 20 to April 2, 2023.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Starbucks Canada onto DoorDash Canada and provide coffee lovers a simple way to get their Starbucks favourites delivered right to their doorstep,” said Shilpa Arora, General Manager, DoorDash Canada, in an issued statement. “Canadians are continuing to prioritize convenience in their lives, and we are continuing to provide our customers what they are looking for.”

“Delivery represents a huge growth opportunity for Starbucks Canada, and the company anticipates that delivery will double in revenue over the next couple of years,” said the company in an email to iPhone in Canada.

Starbucks says roughly 95% of its menu items will be available on DoorDash, which includes the ability to customize their coffee beverages. The coffee chain also has delivery-specific cup holders that includes a two-cup tray made just for Starbucks Delivers, that keeps cold and hot drinks separate. There’s also tamper-evident packaging and stickers on beverages to avoid spilling.