iPhone 15 Pro Might Get an Action Button Like Apple Watch Ultra: Rumour

According to an anonymous MacRumors forum member, the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max models will feature a new microprocessor and capacitive buttons that can be triggered when the phone is dead or powered down.

The rumour comes from the same forum member that accurately leaked Dynamic Island details for iPhone 14 Pro last year, points out MacRumors.

This apparent microprocessor will replace Apple’s current “Super Low Energy Mode,” which is managed by the main SoC (AX) chip in current models.

The new microprocessor will not only manage tasks like Apple Pay, Find My Network, and Bluetooth/UW connections when the phone is off but also immediately sense capacitive button presses, holds, and even detect its own version of 3D Touch for the volume up/down, action, and power buttons. It is reportedly being tested with and without Taptic Engine feedback while powered off.

While the exact functionality of the capacitive volume buttons remains uncertain, there are two possibilities being considered: volume control by force-pressing the buttons or swiping/sliding a finger up or down on the volume rocker. These details are according to the forum member’s “man on the inside” at Apple.

The new microprocessor will manage the capacitive buttons, Apple Pay express, and Find My Network updates at all times, even when the phone is on, greatly improving power consumption during downtime.

It remains unclear whether these features will be showcased on stage or simply included in the technical specifications. However, the microprocessor is confirmed to be a part of the iPhone 15 Pro models and will focus on managing the device when it’s powered down or off, as well as the responsibilities of capacitive buttons.

An Action button first appeared on the Apple Watch Ultra last year, which essentially is a customizable shortcut button. If Apple were to offer this same feature on the iPhone 15 Pro, it could expand the capabilities of what users can do with one click of a button.

Apple is expected to unveil its iPhone 15 lineup this fall again, likely again in September.