Western Digital Confirms Security Breach in Recent Hack

California-based data storage company Western Digital has today confirmed that hackers gained access to a number of its systems in a recent “network security incident.”

Western Digital hack 2023

The company says it implemented incident response efforts and initiated an investigation upon discovery of the incident.

“This investigation is in its early stages and Western Digital is coordinating with law enforcement authorities,” notes the press release.

Although Western Digital is implementing proactive measures to secure its business operations, “the incident may cause further disruptions,” it adds.

The company has already taken some of its systems and services offline and says it will continue taking “additional steps as appropriate.”

Western digital drive hack

“As part of its remediation efforts, Western Digital is actively working to restore impacted infrastructure and services,” says the company.

So far, the investigation has found that the hackers stole some data from Western Digital’s systems, although the nature of that data remains unknown.