Apple’s Find My is the Most Popular Way to Track Partners, Says BabyCenter

Apple’s Find My app and the location-sharing feature on iPhones were recently found to be the most common method people use to keep track of their partners in an informal poll posted in the BabyCenter Community.

“Of the 1,020 members who’ve responded, one in three said they do, in fact, track their partner’s location data,” Matthew Orsini, Senior Media Relations Manager at BabyCenter, told iPhone in Canada in an email.

According to the responses, Apple’s Find My app and “Share My Location” feature were by far the most commonly used tracking services. Apple’s Find My app leverages a network of over one billion devices globally to offer accurate, real-time location tracking.

The Life360 family tracking app and Google Maps’ “Share trip progress” feature trailed behind Apple’s tracking features in the poll.

“From the over 650 comments, moms have said their reasons for tracking include security and safety concerns, as well as convenience,” said Orsini. Other common reasons people offered for tracking their partners included preparing for emergency situations and foregoing the need to constantly communicate or check in with each other.

The overwhelming majority of the respondents, however, said they simply do not track their partner. In fact, many said they see tracking your partner as an invasion of privacy and a violation of personal boundaries that can cause anxiety for the person being tracked.

“Children also become a point of conversation in the discussion, as many parents admit to tracking their teenage children for safety reasons and/or intend to track their location data as they set off to middle school or when they’ve begun driving.”

You can check out the results of the poll and read the comments for yourself on the BabyCenter Community.