Waze Now Lets You Drive with Your Zodiac Sign

Waze has today announced the launch of ‘Customize Your Drive’, which allows users to choose from a wide selection of driving experiences, including their Zodiac signs.

Waze Zodiac IIC

With Customize Your Drive, Waze drivers can choose a theme that fits their mood and change them with ease. Drivers can expect more exciting partners and content over time.

For this month, Waze is introducing the ‘Zodiac’ driving experience to let the drivers navigate like a Saggitarius or a Scorpio.

The latest experience lets you drive with a vehicle and Mood outfitted for your sign and reflect your true colours on the road. The Waze navigation guide is also well-versed in astrology.

“Drivers can tap into the all-knowing cosmos with an astrological guide that pairs directions and readings in perfect harmony via Customize your drive,” notes the company.

Customize Your Drive WAZE

Let the world know whether you’re a fiery Aries, a balanced Libra, an independent Aquarius, an ambitious Taurus, or an intuitive Cancer.

Customize Your Drive is available to U.S. users today and is expected to roll out in Canada and other markets in the near future.