KAYAK Releases Slack Out of Office (OOO) Generator Plugin

KAYAK has just announced the launch of its Slack Out of Office (OOO) Generator plugin, which lets users craft custom colourful email auto-replies.

KAYAK auto generator

With 40% of employed Canadians setting up email auto-replies to unplug from work, this will surely help them keep their bosses at bay and enjoy their next vacation.

Simply follow the steps below to create a custom Out of Office message and officially enter vacation mode.

Out of Office Generator

Start by downloading the plugin from here.

  1. Enter /ooo into any Slack message to find the app. Then, press enter and the app will load.
  2. Now enter your days off and answer a few multiple-choice questions like where you’re going and how spicy you want the response to be.
  3. Once done, press “give it a whirl” to reveal your personalized OOO response.
  4. If you love your curated message, copy and paste it into Slack using the first message in your account status.
  5. Then, go to your email settings to copy and paste the second message into your vacation responder.

That’s it, you can now consider yourself offline and unreachable.