Watch: $40,000 Factory-Sealed Original iPhone Unboxed [VIDEO]


  • Tech YouTuber Marques “MKBHD” Brownlee recently unboxed a factory-sealed original iPhone from 2007.
  • Marques bought the extremely rare iPhone 2G at auction for $42,991.20 USD.
  • Earlier this year, another unopened original iPhone fetched an all-time high price of $63,356.40 at auction.

In a recently published video, renowned tech YouTuber Marques “MKBHD” Brownlee unboxed an extremely rare, factory-sealed original iPhone from 2007 that he bought at auction for more than $42,000 USD.

The iPhone could have gone for even higher, considering another unopened original iPhone fetched an all-time high price of $63,356.40 earlier this year, and a similar, factory-sealed unit sold for $54,904 last month. What’s more, the unit Marques bid on even had a mysterious “Lucky you” sticker on the packaging, making it even rarer.

The YouTuber ended up snagging the unopened iPhone 2G for $42,991.20, including the buyer’s premium and sales tax. To get his money’s worth, Marques liberated the original iPhone from its packaging and documented the unboxing experience — more than 16 years after the phone originally came out.

When putting the iPhone up for auction, the organizers X-rayed the box to ensure it had all of the accessories the smartphone came with, including the charging adapter and cable, EarPods, and dock.

After unboxing the iPhone 2G, Marques was able to verify with some certainty that what he had bought was indeed a brand new, factory-sealed iPhone 2G and not a re-sealed unit (the likes of which have duped many a YouTuber before).

“This brand new, pristine iPhone is now worth dramatically less than what I paid for it, and that’s okay,” Marques concluded. “Hopefully, I don’t regret this.”

Check out MKBHD’s full unboxing video below:

YouTube video

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