Meta Releases Quest v53 Software Update, New Avatar Customizations

Meta has started rolling out the latest v53 software update to Meta Quest platform today, which brings a handful of new features including 6GHZ Wi-Fi support.

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The Quest v53 update also introduces a new Parental Supervision tool, which allows users to block access to websites with mature content.

With the “Meta Quest Website Category Filter,” parents and guardians manage what their teens can access and view in the Meta Quest Browser.

Other new v53 features and enhancements include:

  • Update Apps During Shutdown: Now instead of needing to update while in the headset, when you’re done with your session you’ll have the option to delay shutdown until all app updates are completed.
  • WiFi 6E Comes to Meta Quest Pro: If you’ve got a WiFi 6E-capable network at home, you’ll now be able to find and connect to it with Meta Quest Pro for speeds up to 1.6Gbps.
  • Advanced Camera Settings and Stereo Audio: Advanced Camera Settings are now being moved from the Experimental Settings panel into Camera Settings. With this new update, video recordings will capture stereo audio instead of mono.
  • Twitch Available on Meta Quest Browser: With login for Browser, you can easily find and access content, chat, and subscribe to your favorite streamer in VR.

Avatar Style Improvements Puma Merch Spotlight Header jpg

In addition to the Quest v53 update, Meta has also announce new Avatar style improvements for body shape, and hair and clothing texture.

Starting this month, you’ll be able to choose:

  • New Body Shapes: Including two curvier body shapes for the femme-presenting
  • Hair and Clothing Textures: New hair options enable more volume and texture so you can have your best hair day everyday.
  • New Puma Looks: Meta has partnered with athletic fashion company Puma to offer seven of its lifestyle looks starting May 1.

To learn more about the latest Meta Quest update, visit this link.