Twitter Rolls Out New Features for Direct Messages

Twitter has today announced the launch of two exciting additions to Direct Messages (DMs) aimed at enhancing user conversations and engagement.

Twitter New DMs

According to the social network, the new features, DM Replies and Emoji Picker, will make messaging on Twitter smoother, more intuitive, and fun.

With ‘DM Replies,’ users can reply to any message they receive in DMs, making it easier to keep track of the conversation and respond more intuitively.

The feature appears as a small reply button next to each message and allows users to quote the original message.

The Emoji Picker, on the other hand, offers users a broader range of emojis to react to messages. The new emojis include different skin tones and gender-neutral options, providing users with a greater degree of customization.

Twitter also announced that it is already working on improving the new features. In the near future, DM Replies and Emoji Picker will also be available on Twitter for web.

The company also plans to improve rendering for replies to media messages, such as images and videos.

Both new features have been well-received by Twitter users, with many expressing their excitement on the social media platform. The introduction of DM Replies has been particularly popular, with users praising the functionality and its potential to make conversations more efficient.