Small App Developers Thrive on App Store, Study Reveals

Apple has just spotlighted a recent App Store study conducted by Analysis Group economists revealing the remarkable success of small app developers on the platform.

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The study titled “Small Business Developers and App Creators on the App Store in 2022” indicates that small developers, comprising over 90% of all developers on the App Store, witnessed a surge in earnings across all app categories.

Notably, health and fitness, sports, and lifestyle apps from small developers more than doubled their earnings over the past two years.

Furthermore, the research highlights how developers of all sizes have successfully built their businesses by leveraging the App Store’s extensive global reach in 175 countries and over 40 languages.

App Developers Thrive

The study also reveals that developers who monetize their apps by selling digital goods and services on multiple storefronts experienced earnings from users on an average of more than 40 storefronts.

“Having more revenue available has given our business a longer runway to invest in more feature development and deliver personalized experiences to moms,” says LaRock, mental wellness app Mindful Mamas’ CEO.

Analysis Group economists also found that thousands of new developers and entrepreneurs joined the App Store in 2022 from all over the world.

Of this set of new developers, approximately 25% came from Europe, 23% from China, 14% from the U.S., 4% from Japan, and 35% from other regions including South Korea, India, and Brazil.

You can catch the full newsroom release at this link.