Xplore Hits 50% Milestone in Quebec Network Project

Xplore announced on Tuesday that it has successfully connected 16,000 premises to its fibre-to-the-premises network in Quebec, offering up to gigabit-speed internet access to residents and businesses.

With partial support from the province’s Operation Haute Vitesse, this project will provide close to 30,000 premises across Les Sources, Pontiac, Vallée de la Gatineau, Papineau, and La Tuque with fibre internet access. Xplore has set a project completion date for this upcoming September.

What’s the difference between fibre to the home (FTTH) and fibre to the premises (FTTP)? With FTTP it’s a general term for fibre going to any location, not just a home. It could be office buildings or others, including homes.

“This is a crucial milestone for Xplore as we persistently expand our network in Quebec and throughout Canada,” said Fran Shammo, Xplore Board Chair and interim Chief Executive Officer, in a statement.

“Our dedicated team is committed to providing faster and more reliable internet access to an increasing number of residents and businesses, thereby enhancing the quality of rural living,” added Shammo.