Backbone One for PlayStation Remote Play Now Available for Android

Backbone One has been steadily supporting PlayStation 5 and PS Remote Play since the launch of the mobile gaming handheld peripheral last year. In 2022, Backbone launched the Backbone One – PlayStation Edition for iOS. Now, an Android-specific model is launching in Canada and worldwide markets.

Today, the Backbone One – PlayStation Edition for Android is available globally. Alongside, Canada the new controller is launching in the U.S.,  Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Australia, and New Zealand. The company also confirms that select markets in Asia, including Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore will soon receive access.

Much like the iOS model, the new Backbone One for Android replicates the look and design of Sony’s DualSense controller for PlayStation 5. Backbone and Sony have been working closely together in order to develop a mobile controller that is uniquely recognized as a DualSense by the PS Remote Play App.

Currently, Backbone offers an Android handheld controller compatible with Xbox and Steam, with a design aesthetic more akin to the Xbox Wireless controller and face buttons.

Credit: Backbone

The Backbone One – PlayStation Edition for Android includes a white and black colour scheme, similar to the DualSense. It also features identical face buttons. What’s notably different from the DualSense is the asymmetrical thumbsticks. Otherwise, players will find a D-pad, triggers, shoulder buttons, etc. 

Using the PS Remote Play app on mobile, players can remotely jump into their PlayStation 5 games over Wi-Fi. This means that if you’re taking your Backbone One to bed, you can stream Horizon Forbidden West’s Burning Shores DLC. This is especially great for those who may have to share the primary TV their console is connected to.

Additionally, Backbone One supports mobile native games like Call of Duty: Mobile and Diablo Immortal. Plus, the controller can be used when the smartphone is using services like SteamLink and Nvidia GeForce Now.

The Backbone One for Android is available for $139.99 in Canada. Purchase of a Backbone One also includes a three-month subscription to Discord Nitro and a month of access to Apple Arcade.