Bell Doubles the Data for its $65 5G Plan, Matching Rogers

Canada’s big telecoms continue to adjust data buckets on their premium 5G plans. Rogers on Monday increased its $65 per month mobile-only plan to 50GB of data, and yesterday, Bell matched as well.

The Rogers plan is $65 after Automatic Payments and originally offers 25GB of data, but it was doubled to 50GB. Data speeds are at up to 250 Mbps with overages billed at $20/1GB. The plan includes the usual unlimited Canada-wide talk and text.

Bell has renamed its Promo 25 plan to Promo 50, and it now has 50GB of non-shareable data, with the same download speeds of up to 250 Mbps. Data is $20/1GB up to 8GB, then $0.02/MB afterwards. You get 5G network access, SD video streaming and unlimited Canada-wide calling and texting.

Telus, as of writing, has not updated its Essential 25 5G plan yet, as it still says 25GB of data is included.

While pricing isn’t exactly coming down, data buckets are increasing. Data amounts can be changed to make these look like great deals. But how much data does the average consumer actually use or need per month?