PlayStation ‘Project Q’ Streaming Device Launches Later This Year

During this week’s PlayStation Showcase, the new streaming device ‘Project Q’ was unveiled by PlayStation. While not a traditional successor to the beloved PlayStation Vita, Project Q will enable users to play their PlayStation 5 games on a portable device.

During the virtual showcase, Sony Interactive Entertainment president and CEO Jim Ryan introduced a segment dedicated to upcoming hardware. Leading the charge is Project Q which is said to be designed “for playing games installed on your PS5 and streamed over WiFi.”

Project Q looks to be a hybrid of a standard DualSense controller with a tablet. It sports an 8-inch HD Display and “all the buttons and features” offered by PlayStation’s DualSense.

While details are still sparse, PlayStation’s Project Q appears to center on the PlayStation 5’s Remote Play function. Players can theoretically access all installed games from their PlayStation 5 (sans PSVR2) using Remote Play, much like the mobile app.

YouTube video

It’s not yet known whether Project Q will have to remain on your home WiFi, the same to which your PlayStation 5 console is connected. Remote function and just how that will all work if out of the home is a mystery.

Alongside Project Q, PlayStation also revealed its very own official wireless earbuds, compatible with PlayStation 5 and PC. While not given a codename like the handheld, these earbuds look to be an iterative take on the Pulse 3D headset. They’re said to be Bluetooth-enabled and offer “new wireless technology developed by SIE.” These earbuds are also expected to deliver lossless audio quality.

PlayStation has yet to announce pricing information for both Project Q and the earbuds. Additional details are to come “in the months ahead.” Project Q is slated to launch later this year.