BLUETTI’s Power Week Sale: Power Solutions for Modern Needs

Bluetti power week

The necessity of continuous electricity in our daily routines is undeniable. Whether it’s for work, home essentials, or outdoor activities, our reliance on power is paramount. Recognizing this, BLUETTI introduces its Power Week sale this September, offering powerful solutions tailored for every scenario, from extended blackouts to adventurous off-grid living.

Combatting Power Outages with High-Capacity Systems

AC300 B300

Southern U.S. recent storm aftermaths illustrated the critical role of electricity. With tragic incidents like an Oklahoma resident, a respirator user’s death due to prolonged power outages, the need for reliable backup power has never been clearer. BLUETTI’s AC300, a modular design with flexible battery capacities, promises quick response times during outages and can support a range of appliances. Its Fusion Box Pro extends the system’s capacity, ensuring power even during week-long disruptions.

The EP500Pro, on the other hand, is designed for mobility, offering an all-in-one solution for home backups or on-the-go power needs, from DIY projects to large barbecues.


Off-Grid Living Elevated

AC180 1

For those seeking tranquility away from city bustles, BLUETTI’s AC200P becomes an essential companion. Perfect for cabin settings or outdoor workplaces, this power station comes with rapid solar charging capabilities and vast outlet options. For a more compact option, the AC180 provides a sustainable, noiseless alternative to traditional gas generators.


Adventure Outdoors with Reliable Power Partners


Summer adventures are incomplete without gadgets. BLUETTI ensures your devices never run out of juice. The lightweight EB3A, paired with the PV200 solar panel, becomes a must-have for avid outdoor enthusiasts. The rugged AC60, designed to withstand challenging conditions, assures long-lasting, powerful charging capabilities.


From September 5th to 18th, BLUETTI is offering up to $5,000 CAD off on select products. Purchases exceeding specific values also come with exclusive BLUETTI merchandise, ranging from caps to refrigerators.

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