iPhone 15 Pro Not Worth the Upgrade, Says Pro Photographer [VIDEO]

iphone 15 pro vs 14 pro

YouTube channel Fstoppers, which has produced annual reviews of Apple’s latest iPhones, has decided to return the iPhone 15 Pro after comparing it extensively with the iPhone 14 Pro. The channel covers professional photography and shares insight into how Apple’s new cameras fare.

Fstoppers noted that the iPhone 15 Pro and 14 Pro are strikingly similar in many respects. Both phones have comparable build quality, with the 15 Pro made of titanium and the 14 Pro made of stainless steel.

Drop tests indicated that last year’s stainless steel model fared better than the new titanium build. “So I think this is a downgrade for sure,” said Fstoppers co-founder, Lee Morris. “In every single test, last year’s model made of stainless steel survived drops better than this year’s out of titanium.”

The video also highlighted the new features in the iPhone 15 Pro, such as a programmable action button, faster processor, and USB-C port. However, these upgrades were deemed unnecessary for most users. “My 14 Pro works flawlessly, so I really don’t need that upgrade,” said Morris.

The most significant difference was found in the camera capabilities. While the 15 Pro offers slightly better image quality and dynamic range, the improvements were not substantial enough to warrant an upgrade. “You would literally be upgrading this phone for slightly better image quality out of only one of the three cameras on the back of the phone,” according to Morris.

The ultra-wide and telephoto lenses on both models produce almost identical results in terms of video, stabilization, and photo quality. The main camera on the 15 Pro has a 24-megapixel sensor but does not offer significantly better image quality. “The photos out of the 15 Pro are slightly better but only slightly, and certainly not double the resolution,” he said.

“All of the upgrades that I’m about to show you with the new phone and this new camera have nothing to do with the hardware itself and everything to do with software,” noted Morris.

For these reasons, Morris decided to return the iPhone 15 Pro, stating, “It feels a lot better having thirteen hundred dollars in my pocket.”

Check out the full video below:

YouTube video

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