Google Enhances Search and Lens for Improved STEM Learning

Google search lens stem

Google is rolling out new updates to its Search and Lens features aimed at assisting learners with complex problems in math, physics, and geometry. The updates are designed to make the search for STEM-related concepts more intuitive and user-friendly.

“Whether you’re delving into a math textbook or turning to Search to get more context on a complicated physics problem, it can sometimes be hard to describe exactly what you’re looking for,” said Rob Wong, Product Lead at Google, on Monday.

The new features allow users to input equations or integrals into the Search bar for step-by-step explanations and solutions. This functionality extends to word problems in subjects like high-school physics. Users can also type “math solver” to access this feature, which will soon be available on mobile platforms.

google lens math

Google’s Lens technology has also been updated to interpret both visual and text components of geometry problems. For example, if a user is tasked with finding the area of a triangle and only has a diagram and measurements of two sides, Lens can generate a step-by-step guide to solving the problem. Where was this when we were kids?

An animated GIF showed how homework is going to be incredibly easy now for students.

In addition to problem-solving, Google Search now offers interactive 3D models to help users visually explore almost 1,000 topics in biology, chemistry, physics, and astronomy. “Developing a deep visual understanding of STEM-related topics is a key part of mastering the subject as a whole,” Wong added.

These updates are part of Google’s ongoing efforts to enhance the learning experience and are expected to help users better understand and solve complex problems in STEM fields, it says.

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