Critically Acclaimed Poker Roguelite Balatro to Come to iOS and Android

The poker roguelite game Balatro is confirmed to be making its way to iOS and Android. In a recent Reddit Ask Me Anything, solo developer LocalThunk announced the news.

In the Reddit thread, LocalThunk announced that mobile ports were in the works, as reported by Polygon. The solo developer is confirmed to be working on the port with PlayStack publishing the game to iOS and Android platforms. “The Switch port, PC version, MacOS version and both mobile ports are being done by me!”

Balatro first launched on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch on February 20th. A macOS port quickly followed on March 1st. The game has since garnered a lot of attention due to its unique spin on the roguelite genre. This week on X (formally Twitter), the official Balatro account announced that it has sold one million copies.

In Balatro, players lay down regular poker hands to accumulate points to get through eight rounds. Along the way, players can pick up joker cards which add multipliers and other buffs to your hand. Players can also purchase additional cards for the standard 52-card deck as each round (ante) becomes more difficult. Much like other roguelites, everything is reset and randomized once a game is completed (or the player loses).

On top of confirming that an iOS and Android release is on the horizon, PlayStack Games said that it is “currently looking into all the merch options for Balatro.” The publisher also states that card decks are “definitely something we’d like to do.”

As far as what else players can expect shortly, LocalThunk says that a ‘Daily Challenge mode’ is in the works. The new mode will “definitely” be added. Though, the developer doesn’t have “a timeline on it.”

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