First Gen iPhone Sells for $176,000 CAD, Apple Watch $3,750 CAD

First gen sealed iphone

I guess you should have never opened your first generation sealed iPhone from Apple, eh?

According to the latest LCG Auctions Spring Premier Auction, which concluded today, Apple products in 13 lots fetched a total of $252,000 CAD ($186,000 USD), according to data shared by the company with iPhone in Canada.

In the past eight months, LCG Auctions has sold a sealed first-get iPhone for over $100,000 USD. Today saw a factory-sealed iPhone (4GB storage) sell for just over $130,000 USD. But that’s not even the record, as in July 2023 a factory-sealed iPhone sold for over $250,000 CAD.

Other Apple items that sold worth mentioning include an 1980’s Apple Briefcase, gifted by co-founder Steve Jobs, for $7,783 USD. Also, a factory-sealed first-get Apple Watch sold for $2,761 USD, while Steve Jobs’ 8th Grade Yearbook sold for $1,417 USD.

For G.I. Joe fans, the U.S.S. Flagg AFA U85 (Highest Graded) from 1985 sold for over $41,000 USD, which is a record for any G.I. Joe collectible. Imagine if you took care of your toys like mom asked you to…

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