Best Apple Watch Golf Apps Shared by Apple

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Beyond announcing new Accessibility features coming in future software updates, Apple today also touted Apple Watch as the “perfect golfing companion.”

Apple highlighted some of the best golf apps for Apple Watch to use on the course, noting the wearable has been hailed as the ideal device for golfers, offering a comprehensive experience from the driving range to the course. Of course, to unlock the best features in these apps you’ll need to pay for in-app purchases.

Also, unless you have an Apple Watch Ultra with its super long battery life (or a newer one with a fresh battery), good luck running your golf apps for a 5-plus hour round on your aging Apple Watch.

The high-frequency motion API made available in watchOS 10 lets developers use the accelerometer and gyroscope in Apple Watch. This allows developers like Golfshot to create new experiences that help users improve their golf swing.

The app’s Swing ID On-Range experience, available now, uses this API to detect the precise moment the club strikes the ball, providing a comprehensive analysis of a golfer’s swing. Users can track key swing metrics such as tempo, rhythm, backswing, transition, and wrist path with precision.

“Leveraging the full capabilities of Apple Watch has always been a priority for Golfshot since our first Apple Watch release in 2015,” said Alex Flores, Golfshot’s chief growth officer, in a statement. “Innovative features including Auto Shot Tracking and Swing ID — both powered by Apple Watch and sophisticated machine learning — truly help golfers improve their game by giving real-time, personalized data on the device that’s already with them.”

Golfshot App

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Golfshot offers GPS distances, scoring, Auto Shot Tracking, swing analysis, and Auto Strokes Gained. These tools allow golfers to track every shot and see real-time distances to the green, hazards, and targets on over 46,000 courses worldwide. Post-round, users can experience flyover reviews and advanced stats analysis on their iPhone.

Other Great Golf Apps for Apple Watch

  • Arccos: Tracks shots, provides real-time adjusted yardages, and offers club recommendations.
  • GolfLogix: Displays hole layouts, carry distances, and slope arrows for reading putts.
  • TheGrint: Tracks scores, stats, and shot distances, with a free golf GPS.
  • Hole19: Offers distances, maps, scoring, and a shot tracker.
  • 18Birdies Golf GPS Tracker: Plans shots, tracks scores, and stats.

Apple touted the 36-hour battery life of Apple Watch Ultra 2, while also saying the latest watches can take advantage of its double-tap gesture to view and send messages easily.

Are you using your Apple Watch while playing a round of golf? It’s too distracting during a round to keep tapping your watch to track scores and such. Pencil and paper is still king at the end of the day to stay locked in and avoid your 3-putts.

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