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AppFlow: CoverFlow for the iPhone!

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This application has been out for a few days and it’s courtesy of the one and only Erica Sadun. After CoverFlow was hacked and broken down by Kevin Brosius, Erica has come up with a cool application to browse and launch your iPhone applications.

It’s conveniently named AppFlow. For those CoverFlow addicts who love to scroll through their music albums, you can now do the same for your applications. To launch an app, all you have to do is double tap the large icon–pretty cool!

AppFlow should be available via Installer under the System category–go get it now (can’t see it? Check your list of sources for Installer here)! Check out the following screenshots–and my first mini video review!

appflow_iphone2.jpg appflow_iphone.jpg

Check out how the InvisibleShield has affected my touchscreen in the video:

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