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Howdy folks! It’s Sunday so that means another TalkCast tonight. It’s at the same Bat-time and same Bat-channel as last week…so in other words, set your alarms for 10PM EST/7PM PST! Visit our TalkCast page and tune in to win! Yes that’s right, we have yet another FREE prize for you loyal listeners […] Blog Update: New Dedicated Server!

As most of you know, my iPhone journey started back in October of 2007. I couldn’t find any good iPhone information for Canadians so I decided to take matters into my own hands. I really enjoyed my iPhone and I loved writing about it even more. Starting in December of 2007, I wrote a very […]

Rogers iPhone 3G $30 Unlimited Data Plans: Confirmed?

People are going ballistic over the net right about the speculation of Rogers iPhone 3G data plans. Are they going to match AT&T’s pricing plans? Is the leaked $30 unlimited data plan really true? We will soon find out in exacty 21 days (iPhone 3G preview here). Here are some more interesting notes for you […]

EXCLUSIVE: Rogers/Fido iPhone 3G Hands on Preview!

The iPhone 3G was announced at the 2008 Apple WWDC on June 9th. From that announcement we learned that Rogers and Fido will be selling iPhone 3G units on July 11th, as part of the worldwide release of the iPhone 3G. We know Gizmodo and other tech sites were able to get hands on with […]

PDO Sporteer iPhone/iPod Touch Armband Review

Now that summer is here (remind me when it arrives in rainy Vancouver), that means more time to spend in the beautiful sunshine. Whether you’re going to be biking, jogging, rollerblading, jogging, walking, etc…you always need somewhere to store your precious iPhone. Sometimes you don’t have pockets when you’re out–that’s when the PDO Sporteer iPhone/iPod […]

Rogers iPhone 3G Data Rates: Cheaper Than Expected?

*Edit: Sorry guys, I just got home from work and it should be $30 for 300MB, not 30MB. My apologies for the the typo!!!** Many people out there want to find out some real important info from Rogers and Fido prior to signing their lives away to a 3 year contract for the upcoming iPhone […]

Case-Mate Naked Case for the iPhone Review–CONTEST!!!

The iPhone 3G debuts in Canada on July 11th from Rogers and Fido. The release of the second generation is going to unleash a plethora of new iPhone 3G accessories by third party companies, yet again. Well, for those of us still on the original iPhone, some are still seeking for that perfect case. Well, […]

Listen to TalkCast, Win an invisibleSHIELD from

Ladies and gentlemen, good morning and Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there, including mine! It’s a special day today because tonight we’re going to have another TalkCast hosted via TalkShoe. Yes, this time there ACTUALLY is an episode unlike last week’s SNAFU. Our apologies once again! Need to protect your first […]

Switch It: Install the iPhone “App Store” on your iPhone

iPhone 2.0 firmware has already been “cracked”, but the firmware so far has only been available to iPhone developers to use. With tools such as Pwnage, installing iPhone 2.0 firmware will be a breeze once it’s available. For those people eagerly waiting till July 11th for their iPhone 3G, your App Store time is quickly […]

Rogers Wireless Locations Accepting iPhone 3G Pre-Orders

**We now have a new dedicated server up and running! Thanks for being so patient everyone, be sure to visit the Forums for the latest iPhone 3G discussions!** Many readers have commented on this blog and in the Forums (yes, that’s right they are now BACK! Click here to register for the […]

Fido Barks: We’re Selling the iPhone 3G on July 11

Fido Announced iPhone 3G For Sale in Canada on July 11th! Well, well, well, it looks like Canada’s “other” GSM carrier is going to the iPhone 3G! Fido today announced that they will be releasing the iPhone 3G on July 11th (which, coincidentally is the same release date as parent company Rogers). It was only […]

Rogers iPhone 3G Pricing to Be Similar to AT&T in the USA?

It’s a been a couple of feverish days in the iPhone blogosphere. Everybody and their grandma is talking about the new iPhone 3G, the second generation of Apple’s “Jesus-phone”. Aside from all the 2008 WWDC coverage, and all the pretty Apple keynotes, there is one thing on the minds of millions of Canadian iPhone 3G-hopefuls: […]