Stories by Gary Ng

Ted Rogers Confirms iPhone Release in Canada!

The day has finally come for Canadians (this is not an April Fools joke)! Ted Rogers this morning issued a press release that confirmed the iPhone is coming in Canada! The company has finally come to terms with the big Apple. Here is the quote from Mr. Rogers himself: “We’re thrilled to announce that we […]

Top 5 Ways to Sell your iPhone Prior to the 3G Launch

Can you smell that in the air yet folks? This is the time of the year when excitement is going to happen yet once again when Mr. Steve Jobs announces the release of new products/upgrades at the Apple WWDC. On June 9th we will most likely hear the announcement of a new 3G iPhone (and […]

Life With an iPhone in Canada: 6 Months Later

Here is the story that started my life into the world of the Apple iPhone in Canada… Shopping in Seattle–Let’s Go! It all started on a sunny weekend trip to Seattle, Washington. The task at hand was bargain shopping at the Seattle Premium Outlets, plus venturing further down south to Alderwood Mall. Wait a minute, […]

InvisibleShield iPhone Full Body Shield GIVEAWAY!

Good morning to all the fine folks out there on this early Sunday morning! It’s hard to believe the weekend is almost over, but not before another iPhone in Canada Podcast via TalkShoe. Tonight’s show is going to be extra special because it’s being sponsored by the InvisibleShield. If you’ve never heard of the InvisibleShield, […]

iPhone D-Day: 3G iPhone Coming Out on June 9th

Let the iPhone rumors begin yet once again! If you haven’t heard already, there has been a lot of buzz online about the new 3G iPhone’s release date. Well, according to reports from Engadget and industry analysts, the 3G iPhone will be released on June 9th during Apple’s WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference). To be honest […]

How to: Install an iPhone Car Deck in a Corvette!

We’ve all heard about the iPod integration provided by car manufacturers nowadays (and how car kits can be dangerous). But what about iPhone integration? That’s right folks, I’m talking about a Do-It-Yourself job of integrating an iPhone into the deck of a Corvette! So far these pictures have been the only pics I’ve seen of […]

Case-Mate Privacy Screen Pro Review–CONTEST!!!

A while back I posted that I would be receiving some samples from Case-Mate. Well, those samples came today via FedEx! Today’s iPhone accessory review will be focused on the Case-Mate Privacy Screen Pro. This is a universal privacy screen protector to keep what you’re looking at from prying eyes (we all know that people […]

iDope: How to Sell Drugs with an iPhone

That’s right folks–you read the title of this post correctly. I’m going to tell you how to sell drugs with an iPhone–through the hit game Dope Wars that is! The massively popular Dope Wars game has now made it onto the iPhone but this time around it’s called iDope. The premise of the game is […]

iPhone Car Chargers Can Brick your iPhone!

**Follow me on Twitter using Twinkle for the iPhone!** Hey everyone, if you haven’t already been tuning into our weekly iPhone in Canada podcasts, then you are missing out on some great iPhone info and chats! One important message I brought up to the listeners was the use of 3rd party iPhone car chargers and […]

How to Add Photos to iPhone into Folders

A lot of people get addicted to “the pinch” when viewing photos on the iPhone. A common question I get asked when people view my pictures is “how did you organize them into folders?”. Well, the solution is simple and it’s not very complicated at all. This following method is for PC users, for Mac […]

How to Setup Shaw Email on the iPhone

Update 1: Here are some updated instructions via reader Virage (thanks): The correct settings for iPhone 3GS on Rogers Wireless with Shaw email are as follows: 1. Create new mail account 2. Select POP (not IMAP) type of an account 3. Enter Name (user name of your email account ie. for would be user) […]

Aqwoah Battery: Change your Battery Charging Screen

Are you tired of your boring battery status screen when your iPhone is charging? Want a more accurate account of the charging process? A solution is now here! Reinhold Penner from AlohaSoft has created Aqwoah Battery, which enables you to see a percentage indicator on your iPhone when it charges. How to Install Aqwoah Battery […]