Stories by Usman Qureshi

Apple Officially Ranks No.1 In U.S. Retail Sales Per Square Foot

A latest survey has revealed that Apple is now officially on top among all U.S. retailers on the basis of nationwide retail sales per square foot. The research was published by RetailSails after analysis over 160 U.S. based retailers. Tiffany & Co. being the second largest retailer, is almost two times behind the chart leader while […]

Report Confirms iPhone 5 Will Support Both GSM & CDMA Networks

Apparently a source at TechCrunch has confirmed that the upcoming iPhone 5 will carry support for both GSM and CDMA networks in a single handset, allowing users to switch seamlessly between the two wireless network technologies. According to the source, who requested to be kept anonymous and offered solid proof supporting his claim, some select users […]

Hard Shell Snap-On Cases For iPhone 5 Already Selling Online

As published by MacRumors, some snap-on cases for the next generation iPhone have already started selling online. These cases are labelled as “hard shell iPhone 5 cases” and have been put up for sale by True Supplier, the same shop which published some leaked iPhone 5 parts last week. The cases are based on a previously […]

Skype Set To Buy GroupMe For Mobile Group Messaging

Skype officially announced today that they are going to acquire GroupMe, a service that lets you create private messaging groups right from your phone & send unlimited text messages throughout the group for free. GroupMe was founded just over a year ago by Jared Hecht and Steve Martocci in NewYork. According to Skype CEO Tony Bates, they have […]

Apple Adds Earthquake Warning Notifications To iOS 5 For Japanese iPhone users

As reported by 9to5Mac, iOS 5 features earthquake warning notifications inside Notification Center Settings Menu. Apple has added this feature exclusively for Japanese iPhone users with a switch located at the bottom of Notification Center Settings to enable or disable these notifications. To get the earthquake warnings and updates, iOS connects to Japan’s warning system which is recognized […]

iOS 5 Reveals Evidence Confirming Apple Is Testing LTE iOS Devices

We reported last week that Apple has been found testing 4G LTE technology for next generation iPhones with certain carriers. Many believed these carriers are most likely Verizon and AT&T since both of them already have LTE capability, a wireless broadband network way faster than 3G. Also just recently, a picture of LTE equipment installed by […]

iOS 5 Beta 6 Set To Expire On 29th September 2011

According to a recent tweet by @iH8snow, the developer of Sn0wbreeze jailbreak tool for Windows, iOS 5 beta 6 will be expiring on 29th September 2011 at 8:00pm Eastern Time. Some people are speculating this could give us a possible hint of when the actual iOS 5 is going to be released, but I personally […]

Apple To Revoke iPhone / iPad UDID Access From Developers In iOS 5

A recent report published by TechCrunch reveals an interesting policy change from Apple in the upcoming iOS 5. According to the report, Apple is going to permanently remove developers’ ability to access UDIDs of iPhones, iPads and iPods e.g the way developers authorize certain devices to beta test their applications will totally change. It is speculated that this […]

Word Ball For iPhone Now Available In App Store

A brand new game joins the list of “highly addictive” iPhone / iPod touch word games and is now available for download in the Canadian App Store. The game is pretty simply yet intuitive and involves keeping the letter balls alive by spelling words with them. The game sure looks nice on iPhone 4 or […]