Virgin Launches $45 Canada-Wide BYOD Plan with 1GB Data, Matching Koodo

Last week when Koodo launched their new ‘Choose Happy’ tagline and branding, they also revamped plans, which included a $45 per month plan with 1GB data and unlimited Canada-wide minutes.

When it comes to the wireless tango here, it doesn’t take long for the next carrier to follow suit, like what Virgin Mobile has just done with their new BYOD offering, matching Koodo.

Virgin Mobile has now offered pretty much the same $45 plan with 1GB data (overages: $5/250MB) as listed as part of their BYOD (bring your own device) plans page:

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Koodo’s offering is still slightly better as you get international texting included and it’s $43 for those in Quebec, a couple bucks cheaper.

For those on Silver Plans (which offer up to $200 in hardware subsidies), this plan is now $52 per month as part of a ‘limited time offer’.

What does this all mean? Call Virgin Mobile and change your plan to the $45 BYOD plan if you want to save a few bucks.

Thanks Dave!