Virgin Mobile Promo Offers $50/10GB Plan with Unlimited Canada-wide Minutes


Bell’s Virgin Mobile has an ‘exclusive’ offer right now, offering a $45 per month plan with 10GB of data.

“For a limited time only, get 5GB of bonus data on select plans starting from $50/mo. Online exclusive. New activations only, additional line not eligible,” reads the Virgin Mobile website under its ‘Hot Offers’ page.

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The plan includes unlimited Canada-wide minutes and worldwide texting, while picture messaging is included for Canada and the USA.

The plan is available for bring your own device and also for getting a phone on contract. Normally, the $50 plan would have 5GB of data.

Virgin Mobile rivals Fido and Koodo currently offer a $50 plan with only 5GB of data, but that may change shortly if they plan to match the promo plan.

In Quebec, this promo is priced at $45 with 10GB of data.