Fido Introduces $39 Canada-Wide Plan with 450 Minutes, 400MB Data

Back in February, Fido introduced a ‘limited time offer’ on a new $40 Canada-wide calling plan that included 150 daytime minutes and 200MB of data.

This morning, Fido updated its website to update this $40 plan to make it one dollar cheaper at $39/month, but also include 450 daytime minutes and 400MB of data. The plan also includes unlimited SMS/MMS, unlimited evenings and weekends at 6PM, call display, mini voicemail (3 messages at 3 minutes max, saved only for 3 days) and free Canadian long distance and Circle Calling:

Screen Shot 2013 04 02 at 1 38 39 PM

Data overages are $5/200MB for the $39 plan, $5/500MB for the $50 plan, and $10/GB for the $60 plan.

Earlier this morning, Fido introduced new tab options for smartphones, the new Tab24/Tab36 plans to replace their standard 2 and 3 year agreements.