New Fido $56 ‘Unlimited’ Plan Customers Get the First Month Free until Dec. 31 [Update]

Fido’s popular $56 unlimited plan with 2GB of data has just received a new promo for Boxing Week. New customers signing up to the plan will get the first month free until December 31st. Standard plans and all promo plans are eligible for the first month free.

fido  plan

In late November, this plan received double the data to 2GB and in the first week of December it was discounted by $1. The plan is available on a monthly basis or two year contracts. For those looking for this same plan for the iPhone 5, Fido has an unadvertised $67 plan that’s eligible for three year terms.

The $56 promotional plan was recently extended and will expire on January 7th. Expect Koodo and Virgin Mobile to match this promo. Are you on this $56 promo plan?

Update: we spoke to a Fido rep. The $56 plan does not have an expiry date, but can be pulled at any time as it’s a promo. The $67 three year plan does expire on January 7th though.