Chatr Moving Customers on Nationwide 3G Plans to its LTE Network

Rogers-owned chatr is starting to move its customers on 3G nationwide plans over to its LTE network, in what it is calling a move that will bring “reliable and consistent wireless experience with the continued 3G data speeds you expect.”

According to the prepaid wireless carrier’s updated FAQ page, the company details its automatic migration of customers on nationwide 3G plans over to its LTE network.

“At chatr, we believe in providing an affordable and predictable wireless service which is why we are moving you to our LTE network,” explains the company. Despite the move to the faster LTE network, data speeds will be throttled to 3G speeds.

Chatr says the move will “happen automatically” and customers will notice the move once their device shows an LTE indicator instead of 3G. The company also adds, “please note in some cases your chatr mobile plan, device or SIM may not be LTE compatible.”

Requirements to move from chatr 3G to LTE:

  • chatr nation-wide plan
  • LTE enabled device and SIM

If customers aren’t seeing the move to LTE, chatr recommends customers reboot their devices.

What if you have a chatr in-zone plan? You won’t be moving to the LTE network as they aren’t supported. Other not supported in the move are customers on legacy Mobilicity plans.

Moving over to the chatr LTE network means “a reliable and consistent wireless experience,” concludes chatr.

Thanks tipster