Fido Promo: Up to 5GB Data Bonus on BYOD Plans and $10 Off for 12 Months

Fido data bonus 5GB

Fido has launched a new promo on its bring your own device (BYOD) plans, offering up to 5GB of bonus data, plus $10 off per month for 12 months, available at all of their retail stores.

Here are the plans with data bonuses:

  • $50 – 500 mins + 4GB (was 1GB)
  • $55 – 500 mins + 6GB (was 2GB)
  • $60 – 500 mins + 8GB (was 3GB)
  • $70 – 500 mins + 9GB (was 4GB)
  • $80 – 500 mins + 12GB (was 7GB)
  • $110 – 500 mins + 15GB (was 10GB)

If you need unlimited Canada-wide minutes, add $5/month to the above. The extra $10 off per month for 12 months works out to $120 in credits after a year.

As for Fido’s rivals, Virgin Mobile is offering the same data bonus, but a store we spoke with said they do not have the $10 per month offer. As for Koodo, their BYOD plans have not matched Fido and Virgin (yet).

If your existing Fido or Virgin BYOD plan is not as good as the one listed above, it’s time to call in and make the switch.

[via RFD]