Latest Fido ‘Winback’ Offer: $50/15GB Plan with Unlimited Talk and Text

Fido $50 15gb winback

Fido’s latest ‘winback’ offer in January 2020 is a promotional $50/15GB BYOD plan, previously seen over the past couple of months.

When customers leave Fido, the company will call them back and offer sweetheart deals to get them to return. According to iPhone in Canada reader Leo, he was offered a $50/15GB BYOD (bring your own device) plan last Friday and received a follow up call earlier this week from Fido.

Leo says he left Fido back in April 2019 and had finished off an iPhone X on contract at $85/10GB.

The $50/15GB Fido ‘winback’ plan includes unlimited nationwide calling and international SMS/MMS, call display, voicemail, call waiting, conference call, and data overage protection.

Previous Fido ‘winback’ offers saw customers call 1.855.343.6946 and request a callback. If you were a previous Fido customer, this may be worth trying if you’re eager for this plan. The closest plan currently on Fido’s website is a $75/10GB plan for BYOD.