Rogers EPP Nov. 2021: $50/20GB ‘Unlimited’ Data Plan for BYOD

Rogers preferred program hero

If your employer offers corporate discounts for wireless plans, you may want to check out the latest from the Rogers Preferred Program (RPP) online portal, or known as EPP.

The latest Rogers RPP plan for November 2021 includes a bring your own device (BYOD) plan of $50/20GB, one of the company’s Infinite plans, according to documents seen by iPhone in Canada. This is a discount of 30% off the regular retail price, says the Rogers RPP online portal. Right now, this plan would cost $80/month on

This shareable data plan offers 5G speeds for 20GB and data afterwards is throttled to 512 Kbps. You get unlimited Canada-wide calling and unlimited SMS/MMS.

Also included are features like call display, enhanced voicemail, call waiting, group calling and 2500 call forwarding minutes.

Other Rogers RPP promo Infinite plans with shared data available right now include:

  • $76/25GB
  • $63.75/25GB
  • $68/30GB
  • $87.50/50GB

The Rogers $50/20GB EPP plan has been around for a while, but it’s what’s available now for November 2021. A similar $50/20GB EPP plan is also currently available from Telus as well. Check with your employer to get these wireless plans.

Thanks Daniel