Rogers Infinite Plans Now Have 512 Kbps Throttled Speeds Like Telus and Bell

Rogers kicked off the current wireless ‘war’ by first launching Infinite plans with no overages, but exceeded data caps resulted in paltry throttled speeds of 256 Kbps.

Bell and Telus matched these plans but both eventually debuted 512 Kbps throttled speeds, one-upping Rogers.

As of today, Rogers has matched Bell and Telus, changing their throttled speeds to 512 Kbps.

A Rogers spokesperson announced the change to iPhone in Canada, saying their throttled speeds are now up to 512 Kbps for both upload and download for their Infinite plans.

Earlier this week, a hot topic of discussion on Reddit were the throttled speeds of Rogers and Telus after data caps were exceeded on these “unlimited” plans. Looks like all the noise was picked up by Rogers and a decision was made to match throttled speeds of their competitors.