Zoomer Promo Offers $36/5GB Plan with $100 Bill Credit

Zoomer wireless promo

Zoomer Wireless has brought back its promotional $36/5GB plan with $100 activation credit, an ongoing offer that returns periodically throughout the year.

The promo is the company’s $40 per month plan with 5GB of LTE data, but with 10% off and a $100 activation credit. After the 10% discount, the plan drops to $36 per month. The plan includes 800 nationwide minutes and unlimited Canada-wide and international messages, while it is available for bring your own device (BYOD) users as well.

The plan also includes usually extras such as call display, call waiting, conference calling, mini voicemail and name display.

If you can find an existing Zoomer customer, you can also get a $50 referral credit if you sign up under them. That would mean $150 in total credits. If you apply these credits towards your first 12 months for example, you’ll be paying $23.50 per month for 5GB of data. Not bad at all until you find the next best deal.

Previously, Zoomer’s $36 promo plan had only 4GB of data, but it increased to 5GB earlier this year. This plan would be suitable for kids or people who don’t use a lot of monthly data.

Zoomer Wireless is owned by Cityfone, a subsidiary of Rogers, based in Burnaby in British Columbia’s Lower Mainland. The wireless service runs on the Rogers LTE network.

[via RFD]