Telus and Bell Tie for First in Opensignal 5G Download Speed Award

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According to Opensignal’s 5G User Experience Report released on Monday, Telus and Bell won the research firm’s first 5G Download Speed award in Canada.

“The average 5G download speeds of our Canadian users on Telus and Bell are closely matched with speeds averaging just above 165 Mbps — their statistically tied 5G Download Speed scores are 165.6 Mbps and 166.2 Mbps, respectively,” said Opensignal.

As for Rogers, Opensignal said their users “experienced 5G Download Speed of 106.1 Mbps, on average — at least 59.5 Mbps slower than Bell and Telus.”

Despite the 5G speed differences between Canada’s ‘Big 3’, when it comes to 5G signal availability, Rogers, Telus and Bell are “statistically tied”, with scores between 8.2 and 8.7%.

When it comes to 5G video streaming, Telus and Bell again tied for first, while Rogers was slightly behind in third, with all three wireless carriers scoring in the ‘Excellent’ category with 75 points and higher out of a 100-point scale.

You can check out the 5G scores for Canada below…there’s not a lot of distinguishing between the ‘Big 3’:

Opensignal chart