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Google Canada Black Friday Deals: Save $250 Off Pixel 4/4 XL and More

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Google canada black friday deals

Google Canada has previewed what’s going to be on sale for Black Friday on its website, offering savings on its latest Pixel 4/4 XL smartphones and more.

Here’s what’s going to be on sale starting Thursday, November 28:

  • Save $100 on Stadia Premiere Edition + Nest Wifi
  • Save $250 on Pixel 4/4 XL
  • Save $50 on Nest Hello Doorbell
  • Save $50 on Nest Hub Max
  • Save $30 on Nest Mini (3rd gen)
  • Save $100 on Nest Cam IQ Outdoor
  • Save $70 on Nest Cam IQ Indoor
  • Save $50 on Nest Cam Outdoor

  • Save $80 on Nest Wifi router and 2 points
  • Save $80 on Nest Learning Thermostat
  • Save $150 on Pixel 3a/3a XL
  • Save $450 on Pixel Slate
  • Save $80 on Nest Hub
  • Save $30 on Nest Protect
  • Save $150 on Google Home Max
  • Save $10 on Chromecast
  • Save $70 on Nest x Yale Lock with Nest Connect
  • Save $50 on Google Home Mini

Expect authorized retailers to also have similar sales on Google and Nest products for Black Friday as well, such as Best Buy.

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