Apple’s 2018 iPad Pro Models are on Clearance at Costco

With the release of new 2020 iPad Pro models, Costco Canada now appears to be clearing out the previous third-generation models from 2018 at its warehouses.

For Costco locations out west in B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, the following prices should apply at your local warehouse.

Ipad pro 11 costco clearance

Image via Cocowest

The 11-inch iPad Pro (3rd gen) Wi-Fi in 256GB is listed at $1089.97. This iPad debuted back in 2018 for $1199, so you’re saving $101 here. Apple’s 2020 11-inch iPad Pro costs $1179 for the 256GB version, so there’s only a $90 difference (2020 models get a LiDAR sensor and the A12Z chip with an extra GPU core).

Ipad pro 12 9 costco clearance

Image via Cocowest

The 12.9-inch iPad Pro (3rd gen) Wi-Fi in 256GB is listed at $1299.97. This iPad was originally priced at $1449, so you’re saving $150. The 2020 iPad Pro in this same spec costs $1429, so the price difference is $130 between the previous generation.

Apple Canada raised the starting prices of its 2020 iPad Pro models by $50 to $1049, but storage now starts at 128GB instead of 64GB back in 2018.

Why buy an iPad Pro from Costco? You get a 90-day return policy compared to Apple and other retailers, allowing you to try out the tablet for longer.

We can assume Costco warehouses and its online store will eventually start selling the 2020 iPad Pro. no longer sells the 2018 iPad Pro.

This fourth-generation iPad Pro refresh looks to be quite minor. Why? Apple is rumoured to launch a new iPad Pro design this fall with mini-LED displays.