iPad Mini’s DITO Film Touch Screen Technology Is Responsible For Its $329 Price Tag [DigiTimes]

DigiTimes is reporting through its anonymous industry sources that iPad Mini’s DITO film sensor is having mass production issues, which is why the device is approximately 40-50% more expensive compared to other 7-inch tablets.

The iPad Mini features the GF2 (DITO film) touch screen technology, which according to the source, has extremely low yield rates as a result of which it has a higher entry price of US $329. In contrast, other 7-inch tablets like Amazon Kindle or Google Nexus have OGS or G/G structures which cost almost half of GF2.

The US$329 price tag for Apple’s iPad mini is largely due to low yield rates for the device’s GF2 (DITO film) touch screen technology, according to industry sources. The sources said that GF2 touch screen modules are only about roughly US$5 cheaper than G/G ones for the 9.7-inch iPad models.

The report also claims that iPad 2 production orders are now extending into the first quarter of 2013 due to the tablet’s steady market demand.

The sources also said iPad 2 orders have a visibility until as late as the first quarter of 2013, which has been an extension compared with previous market predictions due to the device maintaining steady sales.