2017 iPhone May Get Edge-to-Edge Display With Embedded Touch ID

Daring Fireball’s John Gruber has shared some very interesting details about next year’s iPhone in the latest episode of his podcast The Talk Show, suggesting that the device may see some radical design changes, including an edge-to-edge display, an embedded Touch ID sensor and a front facing camera, MacRumors is reporting.


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Gruber notes that he has heard “scuttlebutt” suggesting the next year’s iPhone will include an edge-to-edge display, without the top and bottom bezels on the device. Furthermore, the device will have an embedded Touch ID sensor and front facing camera, while all other sensors, including the speakers, will be hidden under the display. “It will be an all-new form factor”, Gruber said.

I think next year’s phone, the 2017 model, the one that will come out in September of 2017. What I have heard — now this is not really from the rumor mill but just scuttlebutt that I’ve heard — is that it will be an all-new form factor. 

And there have been some rumors, I guess, but what I’m saying is that I’ve heard this independently and it is completely getting rid of the chin and forehead of the phone. The entire face will be the display. And the Touch ID sensor will be somehow embedded in the display. The front-facing camera will somehow be embedded in the display. The speaker, everything. All the sensors will somehow be behind the display. 

What I don’t know… I have no idea, but whether that means that they’re going to shrink the actual thing in your hand to fit the screen sizes we already have, or whether they’re going to grow the screens to fit the devices we’re already used to holding… I don’t know.

Other past rumours regarding 2017 iPhone have suggested a flexible OLED display from Samsung, long-range wireless charging and expanded biometric features like iris or facial recognition.