Here’s What 24-inch and 32-inch iMac 2021 Might Look Like

Apple is widely rumoured to release its Apple Silicon-based 24-inch and 32-inch 2021 iMac models early next year, featuring an all-new design with a larger display, thinner frames, and rounded corners than the iPad. 


Based on all the recent leaks and reports, the folks over at have come up with some gorgeous 3D renders that give us an idea of what the 2021 iMac models might look like.


Featuring a sleeker, more modern design, the 2021 iMac’s displays are likely to increase from the current 21.5-inch to 24-inch and from 27-inch to 32-inch. Based on leaked information, the design of the front is expected to resemble that of the latest iPad Pro models.

“We expect a fine and decent rounding in the corners and thin, approx. 5 mm frames along the edges.

We designed the stand and the back part based on the current generation iMac. We don’t know to what extent Apple would want to modify this part of the device.

It may be a little “slimmer”, but we do not think that the shape of the aluminum structure will change significantly. The current one is very successful and looks minimalist.”

Check out more renders below and share your thoughts with us in the comments section.




Hotovo10 768x432

Hotovo3 768x695