‘Adappt’ Brings Standard Band Adapters to the Apple Watch [VIDEO]

A new Indiegogo campaign by the name of ‘Adappt’ is a small bands adapter, that will let you use your Apple Watch with any standard watchband, featuring Apple’s proprietary plug on one side, and on the other side, the classic pin-compatible plug used by majority of regular watches. The product is created by four Italian students, passionate about new technologies and watches, named Ludovico, Francesco, Lorenzo and Carlo, two of which have previously raised $360,000 for another campaign on.

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The creators of Adappt say that the adapter will be available in two sizes, one for the 38mm and one for the 42mm Apple Watch, and will also be offering combinations of adapter and watchbands, meaning users will be able to choose from high quality rubber, leather or stainless steel bands in a wide variety of colours. “We are working very hard to manufacture Adappt with high quality materials, to make Adappt look just like it’s part of your Apple Watch”.

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Adappt will be available in plastic, anodized aluminium, stainless and gold plated steel. Each version will come in two colors, just like the Apple Watch. “Thanks to high quality materials, Adappt will match perfectly your Apple Watch”.

  • Adappt Plastic – $9 Made of plastic, it’s the most economic Adappt. But that doesn’t mean cheap. It’s made of durable, nice-looking rubber and matches your Apple Watch Sport finish.
  • Adappt Aluminum – $29 If you want the Sport edition, this is the right Adappt for you. Every piece is built of strong, durable aluminum, then finished with an ionization treatment that gives it the right look and feel.
  • Adappt Stainless Steel – $39 Specifically developed for Apple Watch. Crafted from a single piece on steel, then finished with details to guarantee full compatibility with your steel Apple Watch.
  • Adappt Gold – $290 Our luxury proposal for your gold Apple Watch. Adappt Gold is strong like steel, that build its core, and beautiful like gold, which surrounds it all.
  • Adappt Edition – $3450 It’s our limited edition. Only five Adappt Edition are available. They are built in Milan, in Italy, capital of vogue and lux, in 18-karat yellow or rose gold.

The campaign has already raised $12,000 of its $50,000 goal, with 32 days still to go. You can contribute by making a pledge here.