Airbnb to Crack Down on NYE Parties Across Canada

Airbnb has announced heightened defenses to help prevent disruptive parties over the New Year’s Eve weekend in 11 countries, including Canada.

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New restrictions will see a ban on certain one-night bookings during New Year’s Eve for entire home listings across Canada. These defenses are in effect for guests without a positive account history, or no previous bookings at all, on the platform.

Since these defenses were first piloted in 2020, we estimate that they have contributed to a year-over-year global drop-in rates of party incidents over NYE of roughly 56 percent.

Across Ontario, over 10,400 people were deterred by our various anti-party defenses from booking entire home listings over NYE 2021. Across Canada, this number rises to over 19,000. We also applied a similar system in the US, most recently for Halloween.

The restrictions will be in effect over the New Year’s Eve weekend in the following countries:

  • United States (including Puerto Rico)
  • Canada
  • Brazil
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • France
  • Spain
  • UK
  • Ireland
  • Portugal
  • Netherlands

Airbnb’s NYE crack down measures complement the platform’s other party prevention systems and anti-party tools, which were launched in Canada and the U.S. earlier this year.

This anti-party initiative is meant to support both our Hosts and neighbours.