What’s Coming to Amazon Prime Video This May in Canada

Amazon Canada says they have some exciting titles coming next month in May, to complement recent new seasons of Bosch, The Good Fight, Fear of The Walking Dead, along with full seasons of Degrassi, Dawson’s Creek, Friday Night Lights, to the streaming video service.

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Amazon Prime Video is included free with all Prime memberships, which the company recently admitted has surpassed 100 million members worldwide.

Check out this list provided by Amazon Canada previewing what’s coming to Prime Video in May:

May 1st

  • The Deep – In Bermuda, two amateur treasure-hunting divers have a run-in with local criminals when they inadvertently discover the secret cargo of a World War II shipwreck.
  • The Scarehouse – Two years after a tragic accident, six college girls are invited to a party inside an elaborate Halloween funhouse. Once inside, the girls realize their hosts’ intentions are not all fun and games.
  • Tyrannosaur – Joseph, a man plagued by violence and a rage that is driving him to self-destruction, earns a chance of redemption that appears in the form of Hannah, a Christian charity shop worker.
  • Oranges and Sunshine – Set in 1980s Nottingham, social worker Margaret Humphreys holds the British government accountable for child migration schemes and reunites the children involved — now adults living mostly in Australia — with their parents in Britain.
  • The Attack – An Arab surgeon living in Tel Aviv discovers a dark secret about his wife in the aftermath of a suicide bombing.
  • The Corridor – Friends on a weekend excursion take a path into a forest that leads to death and destruction.
  • Open Grave – A man wakes up in the wilderness, in a pit full of dead bodies, with no memory and must determine if the murderer is one of the strangers who rescued him, or if he himself is the killer.
  • Roller Town – When a roller-skating-obsessed town is over-run by video game shilling gangsters, only one man has the funk deep enough to boogie them back to oblivion.
  • Sophie – A seventeen year old girl growing up in the zoo her family operates, focuses on her love of ballet and animals. Her parents are forced to sell Sheba the elephant to a traveling circus in order to afford the tuition for her ballet school. When Sophie discovers this she abandons her dreams of becoming a dancer in order to get Sheba back. When she falls in love with Blake, a circus artist, they both struggle to rescue Sheba.
  • Mad Ship – A poor young Scandinavian immigrant couple winds up in Canada in search of prosperity, but the hardship of the Great Depression takes a toll in a way they never feared when they went in search of the dream.
  • Meet the Patels – An Indian-American man who is about to turn 30 gets help from his parents and extended family to start looking for a wife in the traditional Indian way.
  • Creation – Torn between faith and science, and suffering hallucinations, English naturalist Charles Darwin struggles to complete ‘On the Origin of Species’ and maintain his relationship with his wife.
  • The Double – A clerk in a government agency finds his unenviable life takes a turn for the horrific with the arrival of a new co-worker who is both his exact physical double and his opposite – confident, charismatic and seductive with women.
  • Coriolanus – A banished hero of Rome allies with a sworn enemy to take his revenge on the city.
  • A Brilliant You Mind – A socially awkward teenage math prodigy finds new confidence and new friendships when he lands a spot on the British squad at the International Mathematics Olympiad.
  • Bankstas – An office comedy about two best friend finance grads who embark on a crazy mission to stop an investment bank from closing a crooked deal involving student loans.
  • The Artist and the Model – In a secluded French border town during the Nazi occupation of WWII, an ageing artist, Marc Cros (Jean Rochefort), is once again inspired to pick up his tools after his wife Lea (Claudia Cardinale) brings home a refugee on the run from Franco’s Spain, the beautiful but naïve Merce (Aida Folch).
  • Swerve – Colin happens upon a road accident where he finds a dead man, a beautiful woman, and a suitcase full of money. After trying to do the right thing he soon finds himself caught up in a dangerous scheme.
  • I’m Still Here – Starring Joaquin Phoenix – Documents Joaquin Phoenix’s transition from the acting world to a career as an aspiring rapper.
  • Just Like a Woman – Starring Sienna Miller – Two women get on the highway heading to Santa Fe. Marilyn dreams of winning a contest held by a famous belly dancing company, while her friend, Mona, has a secret: she’s a fugitive from justice – accused of her mother-in-law’s death.
  • The Paperboy – Starring Matthew McConaughey and Nicole Kidman – A reporter returns to his Florida home-town to investigate a case involving a death row inmate.
  • Winnie – Starring Jennifer Hudson and Terrance Howard – A drama that chronicles the life of Winnie Mandela from her childhood through her marriage and her husband’s incarceration.
  • A Million Colours – A story of love and friendship set against the violence of Apartheid in South Africa. It is a story of the ups and downs of the lives of the three main characters, and how their lives intersect over the years.
  • Lovebirds – Sometimes the best things in life happen on the fly. From the moment an injured duck crash-lands on Doug’s roof, everything changes. Recently dumped and wallowing in self pity, Doug decides to nurse Pierre back to health with the assistance of an eccentric vet and bird specialist, Holly.
  • Pelican Blood – A love story set in the world of obsessive birdwatchers.
  • The Frankenstein Theory – Professor John Venkenheim leads a documentary film crew to the Arctic Circle to vindicate his theory that Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein,” is, in fact, a work of non-fiction disguised as fantasy. In the vast, frozen wilderness, Venkenheim and his team search for the legendary monster, but what they find is an unspeakable truth more terrifying than any fiction…
  • Cabin Fever: Patient Zero – Starring Sean Astin – A bachelor party cruise ship unexpectedly runs ashore on a medical research island and a deadly virus is unleashed.
  • Avenged – Eight Mexican directors unite to bring tales of the most brutally terrifying Mexican traditions and legends to vividly shocking life.
  • Mission to Lars – Kate and Will Spicer’s brother, Tom, has Fragile X Syndrome, the most common form of inherited learning disability. He is also a massive fan of Lars Ulrich from Metallica. They made a promise to Tom that they would get him to meet Lars, so together they go on a Mission to Lars.
  • Against the Wild – Starring Natasha Henstridge – Two siblings and their devoted dog become lost in the wilderness and must learn how to combine their skills, trust their instincts and navigate a terrain as beautiful as it is untamed.
  • John Dies at the End – A new street drug that sends its users across time and dimensions has one drawback: some people return no longer human. Can two college drop-outs save humanity from this silent, otherworldly invasion?
  • Heist – Starring Robert De Niro, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Dave Bautista – A father is without the means to pay for his daughter’s medical treatment. As a last resort, he partners with a greedy co-worker to rob a casino. When things go awry they’re forced to hijack a city bus.
  • Mississippi Grind – Starring Ryan Reynolds and Sienna Miller – Down on his luck and facing financial hardship, Gerry teams up with younger charismatic poker player, Curtis (Ryan Reynolds), in an attempt to change his luck. The two set off on a road trip through the South with visions of winning back what’s been lost.
  • Kidnapping Mr. Heineken – Starring Anthony Hopkins and Sam Worthington – The inside story of the planning, execution, rousing aftermath and ultimate downfall of the kidnappers of beer tycoon Alfred “Freddy” Heineken (Anthony Hopkins), which resulted in the largest ransom ever paid for an individual.
  • Return to Sender – Starring Rosamund Pike and Nick Nolte – A nurse (Rosamund Pike) living in small town goes on a blind date with a man who is not the person he says he is.
  • Blood Ties – Starring Clive Owen, Mila Kunis and Zoe Saldana – Two brothers, on either side of the law, face off over organized crime in Brooklyn during the 1970s.
  • Rock the Kabash – Starring Bill Murray and Kate Hudson – A down-on-his-luck music manager discovers a teenage girl with an extraordinary voice, in the most unexpected of places. Against her father’s permission, the duo embark on a road trip to compete on the popular television show.
  • Dragon Blade – Starring Jackie Chan, Adrien Brody and John Cusak – When corrupt Roman leader Tiberius arrives with a giant army to claim the Silk Road, Huo An teams up his army with an elite Legion of defected Roman soldiers led by General Lucius to protect his country and his new friends.
  • Laggies – Starring Kiera Knightley, Chloe Grace Moretz and Sam Rockwell – In the throes of a quarter-life crisis, Megan (Keira Knightley) panics when her boyfriend proposes, then, taking an opportunity to escape for a week, hides out in the home of her new friend, 16-year-old Annika (Chloe Grace Moretz), who lives with her world-weary single dad.
  • Playing it Cool – Starring Chris Evans, Aubrey Plaza and Michelle Monaghan – A screenwriter (Chris Evans) working on a script for a romantic movie, is having a hard time as he ruins every relationship he has. He then meets a girl (Michelle Monaghan) who captures his heart ? only to find out she’s already engaged.
  • Escobar Lost Paradise – Starring Benicio Del Toro and Josh Hutcherson – In Colombia, a young surfer (Josh Hutcherson) meets the woman of his dreams – and then he meets her uncle, Pablo Escobar (Benicio Del Toro).
  • Pay the Ghost – Starring Nicholas Cage – One year after his young son disappeared during a Halloween carnival, Mike Cole (Nicolas Cage) is haunted by eerie images and terrifying messages he can’t explain. Together with his estranged wife (Sarah Wayne Callies), he will stop at nothing to unravel the mystery and find their son — and, in doing so, he unearths a legend that refuses to remain buried in the past.
  • Stonehearst Asylum – Starring Kate Beckinsdale and Jim Sturgess – An Oxford graduate takes up a job in a mental asylum, only to discover that the “revolutionary” new treatments are inhumane and that there is more going on than meets the eye.
  • She’s Funny that Way – Starring Owen Wilson, Jennifer Aniston, Imogen Poots and Kathryn Hahn – A married Broadway director falls for a prostitute-turned-actress and works to help her advance her career.
  • The Bag Man – Starring Robert De Niro and John Cusack – A criminal bides his time at a seedy motel, waiting for his boss after killing several men and making away with a mystery bag.
  • Are You Here – Starring Owen Wilson, Amy Poehler and Zach Galifianakis – Two childhood best friends embark on a road trip back to their hometown after one of them learns he has inherited a large sum of money from his recently deceased estranged father.
  • Z for Zachariah – Starring Chiwetel Ejiofor, Margot Robbie and Chris Pine – In the wake of a disaster that wipes out most of civilization, two men and a young woman find themselves in an emotionally charged love triangle as the last known survivors.
  • Visions – Starring Isla Fisher, Jim Parsons and Eva Longoria – After moving to her vineyard to be with her husband, a pregnant woman begins to experience terrifying visions.
  • Two Night Stand – Starring Miles Teller, Analeigh Tipton, Kid Cudi and Jessica Szho – A snowstorm forces two people who made an online connection to unwillingly extend their one-night stand.
  • Vice – Starring Bruce Willis – Bruce Willis stars in this Sci-Fi thriller about the ultimate resort: VICE, where customers can play out their wildest fantasies with artificial inhabitants who look like humans.
  • The Angriest Man in Brooklyn – starring Robin Williams, Peter Dinklage, Mila Kunis and Melissa Leo – A foul-tempered Brooklyner (Robin Williams) is told he has ninety minutes to live, sending him rushing all over New York to make amends.
  • Extraction – Starring Bruce Willis and Kellan Lutz – A former CIA (Bruce Willis) operative is kidnapped by a group of terrorist. When his son (Kellen Lutz) learns there is no plan for his father to be saved, he launches his own rescue operation.
  • Drive Hard – Starring John Cusack – A former race car driver is abducted by a mysterious thief (John Cusack) and forced to be the wheel-man for a crime that puts them both in the sights of the cops and the mob.
  • Dying of the Light – Starring Nicholas Cage and Anton Yelchin – Academy Award winner Nicolas Cage ignites a powder keg of action in this electrifying cloak-and-dagger thriller. Evan Lake (Cage), a veteran CIA agent, has been ordered to retire. But when his protégé (Anton Yelchin) uncovers evidence that Lake’s nemesis, the terrorist Banir, has resurfaced, Lake goes rogue, embarking on a perilous, intercontinental mission to eliminate his sworn enemy.
  • 99 Homes – Starring Andrew Garfield and Michael Shannon – A man (Andrew Garfield) struggles to get back his family home that they were evicted from by working for the greedy real estate broker (Michael Shannon) who’s the source of his frustration.
  • Good People – Starring James Franco and Kate Hudson – Discovering a cache of cash in their dead tenant’s apt, a couple in debt take the money and find themselves the target of a deadly adversary: the thief who stole it.
  • Beyond the Reach – Starring Michael Douglas and Jeremy Irvine – A high-rolling corporate shark and his impoverished young guide play the most dangerous game during a hunting trip in the Mojave Desert.
  • Maggie – Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Abigail Breslin – A teenage girl in the Midwest becomes infected by an outbreak of a disease that slowly turns the infected into cannibalistic zombies. During her transformation, her loving father stays by her side.
  • A Haunted House 2 – Starring Marlon Waynes and Jamie Pressly – Having exorcised the demons of his ex, Malcolm is starting fresh with his new girlfriend and her two children. After moving into their dream home, however, Malcolm is once again plagued by bizarre paranormal events.
  • Big Ass Spider – A giant alien spider escapes from a military lab and rampages the city of Los Angeles. When a massive military strike fails, it is up to a team of scientists and one clever exterminator to kill the creature before the city is destroyed.
  • How to Make Love Like and Englishman – Starring Jessica Alba, Pierce Brosnan and Salma Hayek – When Kate (Jessica Alba) leaves Richard (Pierce Brosnan) for another man, Richard falls for Kate’s sister (Salma Hayek).
  • Just in time for the royal wedding…I Wanna Marry Harry – Single American women compete for the heart of a Prince Harry lookalike, who they are led to believe is the real thing.

May 4th

  • Prime Video will launch Mexico’s first Prime Original series Diablo Guardian. Based on Xavier Velasco’s award-winning novel, Diablo Guardián tells the story of Violetta, a young woman who flees her native Mexico to start anew in New York City. But instead of a living a dream, Violetta is awoken to a harsh reality when she runs out of money, sending her into the arms of the villainous Nefastófeles.

May 14th

  • Durham County – Starring Hugh Dillon and Helene Joy – After his partner is killed, homicide cop Mike Sweeney uproots his family and moves from Toronto to suburban Durham County. He thinks it’s safer there, not realizing major crimes have just been committed and he’s about to get caught up in them.
  • Bomb Girls – A drama about World War II women at work in a munitions factory.
  • Deadly Friends – A television film based on the tragic death in 1985 of Nancy Eaton, department store heiress, brutally murdered by her childhood family friend.
  • The Investigation – This TV drama tells the true story of a bungled and obstructed police manhunt for a serial killer who could and should have been imprisoned after his first crime.
  • Savage Messiah – Based on real-life events in Canada in the late 1980’s, social worker Paula Jackson investigated a commune run by a messiah-like figure who referred to himself as Moses.
  • Twice in a Lifetime – Everybody deserves a second chance to improve and change a life starting all over again! Two angels from Heaven on special assignment help the recently deceased people to relive their lives & correct all the mistakes they’ve once made with a heavenly help.
  • House Sitter – Waitress Elise’s dream to become a painter isn’t going anywhere, unlike her ex Gerry’s, so she eagerly accepts to house-sit a month the country estate eccentric gentleman Frank inherited with a fabulous coin collection while he is in Boston for business
  • Mind Over Murder – Holly Winters (Tori Spelling) is an unhappy-in-love, prosecuting attorney. After suffering a serious head injury, she gains the psychic power to read minds and decides to use this new-found power to catch a killer…
  • Cyber Bully – A teenager is subjected to a campaign of bullying by classmates through a social networking site.
  • Being Human – Three twenty-somethings share a house and try to live a normal life despite being a ghost, a werewolf, and a vampire.
  • ‘As Good As It Gets?’ – This documentary, narrated by Matthew Lewis—best known for his role in the Harry Potter film series, centers around the rebirth of British rugby league side Leeds Rhino, the team’s ‘Golden Generation’ and the battle for a historic treble in 2015.
  • Pillars of the Earth – Starring Eddie Redmayne and Hayley Atwell – Set against a backdrop of war, religious strife and power struggles which tears lives and families apart.

May 18th

  • Also coming to Prime Video next month, Canadian volleyball fans can enjoy live streaming and on-demand coverage of the AVP Beach Volleyball Tour’s Austin Open from May 18-20th.

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