Apple Explains Origin of 1 Million Acres Forest Management Plan [VIDEO]

Earth Day 2017 has come and gone, but Apple has aired a new ad to its UK YouTube channel, detailing how it plans to responsibly manage close to 1 million acres of forest by 2020.

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The company’s VP of Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives, Lisa Jackson, detailed how it all came to be when a group of senior women went out for dinner.

Below is text of the ad we’ve transcribed:

Lisa Jackson (VP, Environment, Policy & Social Initiatives): Probably my first month on the job, I met with a woman, Kate Bergeron…

Kate Bergeron (VP, Hardware Engineering): we had a group of senior women go out to dinner.

Connie Yang (Packaging Product Design): Kate’s having drinks with Ms. Jackson; we were drinking wine and Kate says “we should just buy a forest”.

Lisa: I remember thinking “that is insane”, you know, and “who says that”? But we were in a room full of people and no one laughed. And so instead what she did with her team is go back and think okay, “we know how to buy a forest”, instead we’re gonna figure out “how much of the world’s forests are we impacting?” And then we’re going to preserve that.

V.Y. Chow (Data & Environmental Scientist): our goal, which is pretty big, is to make sure almost 1 million acres of forest are responsibly managed by 2020.

Connie: at this point, however, 99% of the papers and fibres we use are responsibly sourced or recycled. That’s a really huge accomplishment.

Check out the ad below:

Apple says currently, “99% of the papers and fibres we use are responsibly sourced or recycled,” which it calls a “really huge accomplishment.”

The company’s website says “We’re sourcing virgin paper responsibly, protecting sustainable forests, and making iPhone 7 boxes from responsibly managed paper, bamboo, and waste sugarcane.”