Apple Canada Launches iPhone 11 Promo for Bell and Telus Customers

Iphone 11

Apple Stores in Canada have launched a new promotion available for Bell and Telus customers, if they are trading in an old iPhone.

According to sources familiar with the promotion speaking to iPhone in Canada, Bell and Telus customers can get a $248 bill credit when trading in an iPhone 8 and higher. Normally this amount is based on the condition of the iPhone and “up to $250”, but this time it’s a flat $248 for a working iPhone 8 or higher (there’s an extra $50 trade-in bonus included). We were able to corroborate this information and confirm it is an Apple Store exclusive promo. More details are available at the Apple Store.

This credit will be applied to lower your monthly bill payments when you upgrade to an iPhone 11 on Telus and Bell with a financing plan on a two-year term, with a minimum $75 per month plan. You will have a down payment depending on the device. For Bell customers, the iPhone XR is also eligible for this promotion.

Bell customers can pay varying amounts upfront to lower their monthly financing cost (either $120, $240 or $360 upfront) on a Bell Smart Pay plan at $75 or higher.

These promotions started today and are time-limited with no set expiry date yet, only available at Apple retail stores. Normally, Apple’s iPhone trade-in program offers credit in the form of a gift card, but this promotion will apply a trade-in value towards your financing plan for a new iPhone 11 (and iPhone XR with Bell) to lower your monthly payments.

This appears to be an Apple promo to encourage people to upgrade to a newer iPhone 11 and better trade-in values unavailable from Bell or Telus. Check with your local Apple Store for the finer details. The promo is not available for Rogers customers.