Apple Glasses Reportedly Undergoing Battery Tests in Engineering Verification Stage

Yesterday, a report by DigiTimes claimed that Apple’s upcoming augmented reality (AR) glasses have entered the “second phase of development” and today, more details have emerged regarding the prototype’s development (via MacRumors). 

Apple glasses

Earlier reports have suggested that Apple is working on both an AR headset and AR glasses. The headset is rumoured to resemble a smaller version of Facebook’s Oculus Quest, whereas the glasses are said to be much sleeker and lightweight.

Citing industry sources, the Taiwanese publication’s latest report notes that the Apple Glasses are currently progressing towards the engineering verification stage with a primary focus on their battery life and weight distribution. 

Following the second phase, the report claims that the glasses will go through a third phase of development a few months later. Upon completion of the prototype design, the wearable device is expected to go through a 6-9 month period for engineering verification.

Previous reports have claimed that Apple’s glasses will overlay information such as text messages and maps in front of the wearer’s eyes, and that users will be able to control the glasses with Siri.