Next 4-Inch iPhone to Be Named ‘iPhone SE’ Instead: Rumour

9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman says his sources now say the next 4-inch iPhone set to debut next month will abandon the ‘5’ from its name and just be called the ‘iPhone SE’:

Now, we are hearing that Apple appears to be going all in on the special edition factor: sources say that Apple has decided to drop the “5” from the device’s name and simply call it the “iPhone SE.”

According to his sources, the lack of ‘5’ in the name will reportedly simplify the iPhone lineup, and prevent confusion for customers. The so-called ‘iPhone SE’ is seen as the successor to the iPhone 5s, and is said to be priced the same.

The new device will look the same as the iPhone 5s, but have the curved edge design from the iPhone 6, while also said to feature the company’s A9 chip, always-on “Hey Siri”, Live Photos, Apple Pay, an upgraded 8MP rear camera, plus similar capacity and colour options as the iPhone 6s.

Apple is rumoured to hold its next media event on March 15, although a rumour this morning claimed it could be delayed another week. But until we hear a confirmation from someone like John Paczkowski from BuzzFeed News (his sources have nailed all Apple event dates with perfect accuracy), we’re going to assume it’s still going to be in the middle of March. We’ll find out soon regardless, as Apple will most likely send out invites to the media soon, if it’s going to happen.

The event may also see the announcement of the iPad Air 3, which according to a report yesterday will be announced as a new 9.7-inch iPad Pro. New Apple Watch bands may also be announced at the special event as well.