Apple Supplier Foxconn Mulls TV Assembly Plant in Arizona


The New York Times reports Apple supplier Foxconn, the maker of iPhones and iPads is considering building a TV assembly plant in Arizona. Parent company Hon Hai Precision chairman Terry Gou made it clear their geographic decision is independent of Apple’s recent decision to build a sapphire factory in Mesa, Arizona.

Apple’s presence there is independent from Hon Hai’s decision but Mr. Gou said “Made in USA” promoted by President Barack Obama will be a future industry trend.

Large-screen televisions made by Hon Hai under contract sell well in North America so it is considering a panel and assembly plant in Arizona, he added.

Ms. Brewer “offered attractive investment incentives,” Mr. Gou said. “I am interested in the environmentally friendly technology and the state can provide a good business environment,” he added.

Gou said “Arizona could be a good location for our new mold equipment headquarters…as it is close to our plant in Mexico.” The company continues to build high resolution televisions and currently is investigating a 10% investment into Sharp for its expertise.

The NYT also reports sources claim Apple is testing a high resolution TV with Hon Hai and Sharp. Last month Bloomberg reported Apple was set to debut 55″ and 65″ ultra high definition televisions in Q4 of 2014–assembled by Foxconn.

Despite Foxconn claiming their choice of Arizona for a TV factory is outside of Apple’s recent announcement to also setup shop nearby, it just sounds like something TV-related could be brewing in the desert. Unless it’s just a crazy coincidence and Arizona is offering investment incentives that are just too damn juicy to decline.