Apple Ordered to Compensate Customer for Selling iPhone Without Charger

According to a report by Tecmundo, a Brazilian judge has ruled that Apple must compensate a customer over $1,000 for selling him the iPhone without a charger included in the box, which is in violation of consumer law (via MacRumors).


Apple stopped including a charger with its iPhones back in 2020 citing environmental reasons. The company claimed the decision was equivalent to removing nearly 450,000 cars from the road per year. 

Now, Judge Vanderlei Caires Pinheiro of the 6th Civil Court of Goiânia, Brazil, is forcing Apple to compensate an iPhone customer nearly $1,075 for the lack of a charger. 

“According to article 39 of the Consumer Code (CDC), “tie sale” is an abusive and prohibited practice in Brazil, so it is not allowed to sell cell phone and charger separately. Therefore, Apple is being sentenced after selling an iPhone model and charger separately to a consumer in the city of Goiânia.

Apple must compensate the consumer R$ 5 thousand for carrying out the “tie sale” of the company’s devices.”

In the past, Apple has Apple responded to such claims by arguing that many customers already have chargers in their homes while citing the environmental benefits of removing the charger.