Apple Watch Series 7 Bands May Not Be Compatible With Older Models

Leaker Max Weinbach has today claimed in a tweet that the upcoming Apple Watch Series 7 bands may not be compatible with older models. “I’ve heard from an Apple store employee that they’re not getting anymore 40/44mm bands,” he tweeted (via 9to5Mac).

Watch bands

Weinbach added the new Apple Watch might use different bands, most likely due to a substantial increase in the display size. It must be pointed out that even though Apple has made some slight modifications to the Apple Watch bands over the years, they have remained compatible with previous Apple Watch models.

Apple clearly mentions that its Solo Loop band requires an Apple Watch Series 4 or later. However, regular watch bands introduced after Series 4 are theoretically “designed for Series 4 and compatible with older generations.”

Looks like we’ll have to wait until the new watch bands hit the stores to find out if they are interchangeable or not.